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36 Books to Read If You Want to Become a Billionaire

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Here are some important guides to cultivating a success mindset, starting up, developing product, and becoming a great leader.

The truth is, no one book can make you a billionaire...

Have you ever seen a bodybuilder who built an amazing physique just by performing one exercise?

I bet you haven't. So you get the point right?

I would like to share with you the list of books that I highly recommend for entrepreneurs, which is divided into categories from beginner to advanced, so that you can elevate your knowledge by reading books one after another in a systematic manner.

Bookmark this answer if you want to because it is going to be lengthy, and I am assuming you will want to come back to this list again.

Ready? So let's get started:

This level is for anyone who wants to be successful as an entrepreneur. This level covers two foundations. The mindset and the practical steps for what businesses do and how to start one.

  • Success Mindset (These books will teach you the right mindset for being successful.)
  • Business (All you need to know about business and how to start one.)

Once you have a business, this level recommends books that will show you how to create a product and how to market and sell it. All that good stuff.

  • Innovation and Product Creation
  1. The One Thing by Gary Keller (This is the only one you need to be productive, trust me on this.)

This level's books will cover you on the topics of being indispensable and making your business stick, as well as how to be a great leader.

  • Biographies and Autobiographies

I wish someone had given a list like this to me when I started out, but never mind, now you have it. Although I recommend you go through the books in this order, it is totally up to you. There is no constraint on learning what you want.

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